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Learn from Looking

This is aimed at teaching staff and could be accessed with application of interest

Sunny Side Up

This is aimed as a motivational coaching path for staff in any position

Reach Up

The Middle Advantage

This is aimed at current middle leaders

This is aimed at potential leaders

See Me!

This is aimed at current RQTs. Focusing on reflective practice, evidence informed practice and meaningful development.

This is a one month acceleration aimed at any teaching, non teaching or leadership staff

Digging for Diamonds

This is aimed at teaching staff with an interest in inclusion.

This is aimed at teachers joining the Early Career Framework. It has 12 professional stops for successful development in our amazing career.

Power Hour

30 Day Blast!

Plan A Dynamic Consultancy

As my consultancy tries to recognise and develop areas within a school, there are always more.

flexibility and personalisation of Plan A means that I thrive  on supporting an individual situation in a bespoke way. 

The portfolio of my experience is vast and my passion for education is unquestionable. Contact me for a conversation, I believe we are stronger together.
The benefit of external consultancy, not being wrapped up in school politics, seeing things with a fresh vantage point, being creative and motivational, may be just what you are looking for.