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Power Hour

This is aimed at teachers joining the Early Career Framework.

I think we can all agree that teaching requires multitasking like you have never known! What to be trained in first as you enter the world of education is a BIG question as relationships is as important as assessment for learning which is as important as questioning. The tricky bit is that our students need their teachers to be great at all of it straight away! 

This is where the power hour consultancy comes in. Allowing new teachers to work together in groups for mutual support, the consultancy will be a mixture of short taught training sessions, practice within the classroom, seminar group reflections all framed around motivational and honest wellbeing support. The topics will provide a structural support to compliment other training and will help to guide priorities for development with straight forward takeaways along with questions to ponder. Working alongside the director of the early career phase, this consultancy is flexible and driven by the passion of our profession. It has twelve professional stops for successful development in our amazing career. As we work around the clock face, the topics will be woven together to enable multitasking development that is practically helpful.

Feedback from this consultancy offer has been incredible and demonstrates that honesty and empathy are exactly what our teachers want as they learn our trade.

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