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Here are some reviews and testimonials from clients who have been working with Plan A this year.

During these unusual times of Covid, lockdown and blended learning, Plan A has been busier than ever providing a bespoke service to support schools in a multifaceted way.

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New Teacher Support and Development

I found it really valuable that Adele was able to facilitate conversations where we could talk about our situations and we could hear what other people were perhaps struggling with - this coupled with Adele's fantastic advice and hints and tips was extremely beneficial to me. I really enjoyed the fact that Adele always had practical and useful solutions to any issues rather than being judgemental - she has been in our situation and it was great to be able to talk to someone who knew what we were going through. Overall, it was Adele's honesty that was most refreshing, she didn't ever 'flower up' situations but she empathised and appreciated the fact that sometimes teaching is simply just hard! Adele gave honest, constructive feedback/advice for us to take forward and to be able to deal with any situations should they arise again. 

Developing values for the future

As a result of time together, what will you be able to take forward to the future?

'Be Kind' - I will always remember this and do my best to hold it at my core as I navigate my way through my career. I will always endeavour to be consistent and kind and prioritise the relationships I have with my classes and students.I am also preparing for my first parents evening using some of the advice that we received from Adele and will use this to structure my approach

Thinking of entering the profession?

I have gained a lot of knowledge from your teaching experience, which will prove invaluable in my future, especially as I am at the very beginning of a possible teaching career. You have spoken openly and honestly with me about the teaching profession (and haven't glazed over the trickier aspects of teaching), which I really appreciate. I also admire your innovative approach to teaching and how many ideas I have gained from your suggestions. 

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