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So what was my story?

I have always believed that when opportunities come along, you should take them. But I also totally acknowledge that sometimes that is easier advice to give than to take.

The advert for speakers went on social media and I knew it was something I would dream to achieve. 

Following the social chat on the post with interest, I looked up the application process.


Speaking in front of a large audience was part of my role as Headteacher and even before that when I had the privilege of being a speaker at ASCL (a national conference for education leaders)

So nothing stood in my way - I had experience - I had a strong message that I wanted to share... 


... then listen to your own message!

All comments on social media were full of confidence, recommendations, experience and strength

It took no time at all to let the doubts creep in and to let imposter syndrome take a firm hold. EVERYONE must be better than me.

It is so important to be authentic and to give yourself a good talking to sometimes! This very experience was playing out the script of the message I wanted to deliver in a TED talk. You are the best version of you, so take a risk and take an opportunity, don't dilute yourself.

White Structure

The excitement began...

My worst type of application with photos and videos was submitted.


The great news of being called for an audition made the awkward video all worth it! Now came the next tough part ... those who know me will be more than aware that I am never short of a word or two. My talk had to be written and edited to be ten minutes in duration. 

Daily walks during lockdown gave me plenty of time to share, edit and practice my talk with my husband being the patient audience.



And here we are!

I took a risk and grabbed an opportunity

The audition at the Mayflower Theatre was a stunning experience and the team surrounding TEDx Southampton made it both positive and professional.    

I am so proud to have been selected and to be amongst twelve other fantastic speakers. The 'Human to Human' theme of the event has brought inspirational and thought provoking messages in the wide range of talk titles. 

12th October 2021 was show time. The event was greater than I could have ever anticipated. The speakers were tremendous, the audience were warm and responsive and the outcome of being on the TED.COM platform is phenomenal. If you think my talk is 'an idea worth spreading' then please share the link. Views are currently 19K and counting!

Being proud of Southampton

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