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Adding a fresh voice to your school or college training effectively engages staff and demonstrates joined up thinking in our drive for progress and development. 

Plan A offers a diverse range of subjects that can be adapted for your setting and improvement priorities.

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Twilight Sessions

Twilight sessions are so valuable in dedicating time and planning to instigate effective change. 

Plan A offers free  planning time to meeting with leaders to ensure the improvement agenda is bespoke to the needs of the school or college. The delivery of the twilight session is then carefully managed to ensure maximum gain and personal ownership of ideas and change.

The sessions available for twilight at your school will be carefully selected with you to ensure we meet your school development agenda.

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Teaching and Learning

Here is the heart of the work of Plan A.

Passion, research and experience has built a reflective depth of development practice in this area. 

The consultation offer here can be bespoke for subject areas, teaching experience, skill development or a student learning based group. This  training is offered in either a mentoring or coaching style in order to fit with the school ethos.

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At a time when the challenges in the education system are becoming acute, specialist coaching can make a real difference in the professional and personal lives of headteachers. Headteacher coaching can be an investment in individual leadership development and resilience and may benefit the wider school community. The research is clear on the benefits so what holds you back? Please get in touch for a 'no commitment' conversation to support the development of your authentic self. Headship should not be competitive or isolating; there is strength in working together. Don't put yourself last, people need you.

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The leaders are the driving force for both stability and change. All too often there is a compromise between raising staff into a leadership position and providing enough bespoke training to ensure their potential is empowered. 

Leadership at all levels is worth investing in. Schools and colleges who invest in bespoke staff support gain trust, confidence and retention of staff. 

Exploring research pedagogy , tackling people management, strengthening difficult conversations and switching from the operational to the strategic may be areas of coaching and training that your leaders need. Your unique establishment is worth investing in.

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Plan A works with teachers at all stages of their expertise and development. Teaching and learning is at the heart of all we do, ensure that training and coaching builds confidence, motivation and skill. Working with teachers can be something your school builds in naturally, however, working with Plan A will ensure that sufficient, undistracted time is given to all teachers. This may look like small groups of staff with similar targets, working with departments or working with individuals on a totally bespoke pathway to fit their needs. 

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Listen to the PODCAST with a coffee by clicking here as a great starting point

Private Growth

Are you waiting for your school or college to release the funds that will empower your personal growth and development? Training budgets are small and school priorities are extensive. This may mean you feel overlooked or frustrated.

Are you wanting to develop the skills and experiences for that next promotion but your current situation seems to block your path? Once again this can be demotivating and burdensome. 

You can take back the control ! Get in touch to see how Plan A can support your personal growth. We realise your budget will not match that of a school and so our private prices are definitely affordable and flexible. Take back the power!

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Have we missed a piece of the puzzle?

As an experienced Headteacher, I know that the complexities of a school journey are as terrifying as they are exciting!

Focused time to think, create and flexibly manage projects is hard to find and even harder to see through. 

Plan A can help facilitate that project. Building in time and vision to ensure the results are effective at a student level and woven throughout your school fabric is the expertise we offer. 

By providing motivational consultancy let's be stronger together and get ahead of the game. 

Please get in touch for a free consultation to see how this prtnership can work for you

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Not sure what it is you need?

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