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Some INSET ideas to get you started

Time is precious! Educational writing is extensive and current! This think tank provides the main learning points from current literature in a blink. Without the time to read, let me do the reading for you and share the highlights. Chose of an extensive library

Read in a Blink

Relating The Chimp Paradox (Prof Steve Peters) into a school environment was one of the most transformational INSET packages to develop all relationships in school - staff, parents, students and govenors 

Manage your Chimp

Differentiation is powerful for effective learning when used consistently with purpose.

Secure, develop and challenge strategies can swiftly be embedded into your school practice after participation in this INSET session 

Wise Up!

School is the place where dreams are built upon and belief in the self is owned. Make sure students are inspired by the learning in your school. Help your teachers to be creative with delivery of learning as they pick and mix their way through these memorable ideas.

The Sweetshop of Learning

Make sure lessons have students working harder than staff and learning is moving into understanding,recall and application. This strategy adds quickly to staff toolkits of delivery

Active Learning

Time is our most consistent tool but most people struggle to use it effectively. Let's think out of the box and look at time management in a creative way. You don't have the time to ignore the opportunities that this session offers!

Tick Tock

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” (Alexander Den Heijer) 

Developing learning environments to maximise learning

Make it Bloom

Be your authentic self - every day in every way! How to make the most of YOU for your own wellbeing.

Sorry Not Sorry

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