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Middle Leaders

Bespoke training to help your middle leaders rise to the challenge of being consistent drivers of your vision.


We can offer;

Project management

Time management

Consistent line management 


Strategic vision

Authentic self

Creative vision



You know it will make all the difference if dedicated time could be given to achieve these goals. 

Get in touch to design an affordable bespoke package for the staff you believe in.

Senior Leaders

Is the line management provided by your senior team consistent in its effectiveness or do they all hold a bias towards their areas of accountability?

We can offer;

Clear systems of time management.

Templates for effective consistency and accountability.

Growth development in personal leadership skills.


Academic development into authentic pedagogy.

Time to follow through on leadership development.

Your team are your drive and they are worth investing in. Their professional learning can be designed by you in consultation with Plan A. This will give your learning establishment the step up over others. The personal touch will be the difference between retention and loosing the potential.


Potential Leaders

You have spotted their potential and know that they are worth your investment... what next?

Stepping up to leadership requires skills, training and development, which ultimately takes time and commitment. 

All to often the skills and reflections discovered on a  one off professional learning course are lost once the member of staff is back in school. All best intentions to implement strategies make way to the busy life of school.


Plan A will develop your potential leaders on your school site with your personalised programme. 

We will dedicate time to their development and hold them accountable to your investment. 

How can you make sure that potential leaders do not move on before you had the chance to offer them a position? By getting in touch and providing personal training that demonstrates your intentions.


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