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30 day BLAST !

Sometimes we need to shake off the dust and get back to our place of energy and motivation!

This one month consultancy is aimed at any staff who want to get energised and put themselves ahead of the game. A mixture of daily light touch motivation and weekly priority building, focus and in depth reflection, staff will work hard to feel refreshed, re energised and motivated to be their best. 

This can be staff from any sector within the school who feel that personal consultancy for a month will make a difference to their outlook. The 30 day blast will be focused and require active engagement for the results to be meaningful. 

Is this an offer that would interest your staff? Is this something different that will engage those who have come back to a new term wishing they had a guide for reform? This is a no judgement consultancy that starts from exactly where you are and works hard to get you to where you want to be.

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