See Me!

This is not the time to let go of our new teachers! As RQTs turn the corner of successful qualification, the classroom can feel both an exciting and a daunting place to be. Moving to a full teaching timetable, losing some of the formal support and not being required to formally reflect and evidence the teaching standards is a HUGE change. This consultancy allows a formal coaching layer to support both the wellbeing, habits and continued professional learning of the RQT. 

Following a successful model of the Accelerated Teacher Programme, the RQT will experience a blend of agreed 'drop ins', focused bespoke upskilling and learning observations. The consultancy will be a balanced equilibrium of directional support and requested development. 

Enabling teachers to safely take informed risk, recognise the impact of learning strategies and develop a sustainable work ethic is an impact of this consultancy and shows the value of the investment made by the school for its staff.