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From Looking

As teachers, we can get used to our own learning environment; often presuming that all other classrooms and teaching methods are the same as ours.

Being afforded the time to drop into other lessons, complete a learning walk, is often only as a leader and is within the same subject area.

My proposal is to escort teachers to a variety of learning environments, both within and outside their subject specialism. Once in the lesson, I am able to narrate, uncover, throw light on and unpick learning from the inside.

This could be focused on;

  • the rationale of student behaviour within the classroom

  • behaviour management strategies used by the teacher

  • teaching strategies

  • progress

  • curriculum access

  • assessment for learning

to name a few.

The impact of this learning intervention will provide a consistent recognition of effective learning, inspire the use of a variety of learning techniques, provide support in the psychology of student behaviour, provide an insight into students in alternative learning environments, and provide alternative approaches to teaching, behaviour management and pedagogy.

All of this can be achieved with the experience of knowing what to look for, narrating in vivo, providing a causation dialogue and having a shared dynamic situation to analyse.

This would be completed sensitively with minimal disruption to the lesson and with the consent of the teaching staff.

This could link to the current directory of learning and my suggestion would be that staff are given the opportunity to take part in this learning intervention rather than being chosen.

This is inclusive practice.

This could be accessed by teaching staff wishing to learn from looking or middle leaders as quality assurance training for learning walks and observations. 

Teachers could either use non contact periods to visit lessons or if a group of staff have requested this training, they could be their own redeployment group. 

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