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Sunny Side Up!

The most frequent word used to describe the impact of Plan A Consultancy is motivational. With staff mental health and wellbeing being a priority for schools, a 1:1 coaching dialogue to support the upskilling, working behaviours, motivation and aspiration of staff is a priority investment. 

Either face to face or virtual meetings can be arranged to suit the working needs of the staff. In my experience some staff prefer to arrange meetings on work from home days, days off and evenings. This enables them to be in a private and comfortable space to discuss their priorities. The flexibility of my consultancy allows for these flexible working approaches alongside workplace meetings if prefered. 

This consultancy is aimed at all staff and could be access either by request or direction of a line manager. The impacts to the school could include lower staff turnover, motivated staff, higher productivity, less sickness and greater mental health amongst the staff body.


The unintended outcome of consultancy is also positive reinforcement that school leaders invest in their staff.

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